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Truly, truly, it wouldn’t be Lent without 40 days of silliness regarding The Incarnation running rampant.

Comes the esteemed history professor from UNC-Chapel Hill wondering for 38 minutes and 37 seconds about the historical Jesus,  since he never called himself God, how did he become one? The first thing you have to do? Forget all about … Continue reading

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Losing Our Religion? Or Have We Forgotten It? Thoughts on an NPR Series from the Crucifixion of Our Lord UPDATED

I don’t know if you listen to NPR but they’ve been doing a little series this week called “Losing Our Religion.” It is about the group of folks who when asked what their religion is, they state “none.” Noting that … Continue reading

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Another Trappist Beer Coming Soon to a Bar Near You?

Maybe. You see, my wife alerted me to this story on NPR about needy Cistercian monks exporting beer to pay for building repairs. But she quickly followed it up with, “there’s none sold in Tennessee.” Figures.  Teri Schultz shares the … Continue reading

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Did You Hear the NPR Piece Today on the “Fortnight for Freedom?”

It was actually pretty balanced. A couple of parishioners “for,” a couple “against,” and snippets from Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop Lori, and (naturally) the strident comments of Bishop Jenky from Peoria.

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