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For The Unshakeable Faith Of The Families Of The Egyptian Martyrs

Having a look at the photo gallery of National Geographic’s article, Portraits Capture Unexpected Reactions to ISIS Beheadings, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the words Jesus said to the eleven at the Last Supper, right before he began … Continue reading

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The A-1, Best Thing, You Can Do For The People In Ukraine…UPDATED

Pray for them. Pray for peace, justice, a cessation of bloodshed, and that the conflagration that has erupted there ends soon.

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Vladimir Putin, From Russia With Love?

Valdimir Putin in the New York Times, writing with poise about the de-evolution of US foreign policy, the purpose of the United Nations, and the pathway to peace in Syria. I think he studied the speech delivered to the UN … Continue reading

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Democratic Congressman Becomes Bump In The Road In Administration’s Mad Rush To War

And I’m hoping and praying that the bump becomes a hump the size of Mount Everest.  Here’s a snippet from an interview between The Atlantic’s Molly Ball  and Congressman Alan Grayson, D-Florida. There was some thought that John Boehner and Eric … Continue reading

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Pope Francis to Vladimir Putin and the G20: In Syria, Seek Peaceful Solution, Not Military Action

Once again, Pope Francis appeals for a peaceful resolution to the crisis in Syria. Specifically, the Holy Father asks that all leaders of the nations meeting in St. Petersburg today, “lay aside the futile pursuit of a military solution. Rather, … Continue reading

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Trappist Nuns in Syria to President Obama: Send Us Your Prayers, Not Your Missiles UPDATED

We heard from Pope Francis earlier today, but how about testimony from folks who are a little closer to the action? Catholic World Report has a letter from Cistercian nuns who moved their monastery to Azeir, in Northern Syria, back in … Continue reading

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Pope Francis Calls the Faithful to Pray and Fast for Peace in Syria, the Middle East, and the World

It will happen this Saturday, September 7th, on the vigil of the birth of Mary. The Holy Father has called for the Church to buck the tide of self-righteous indignation, fed by the wishful thinking that an act of war … Continue reading

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USSCB Chair to Secretary of State John Kerry: Use Diplomacy, Not Air Strikes

What follows is the letter addressed to the Secretary of State in it’s entirety. Dear Secretary Kerry:

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To Pray For the People of Egypt And For Peace in the Middle East

I’ve been feeling a bit like Obi Wan Kenobi did after Alderaan was destroyed. Too geeky? Then try Matthew 2:18. Get the picture? The main reason is what has been going down in Syria and in Egypt.

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Pope Francis gives Urbi et Orbi Easter message…

  Jesus is risen! There is hope for us. They that have ears, let them hear…

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