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Dispatches From A Holy Land Pilgrimage…

Let us go to the place where His feet have stood (Psalm 132:7). That short verse (from Eusebius’s Greek translation of the psalm) sums up the entire reason for coming to the Holy Land.

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The Worst Performing Tire I’ve Ever Driven In The Wet? It’s This One…UPDATED

  Long time readers know that I’m a bit of a gearhead. I like cars, you see. Fast cars, especially. I like just about everything about them. Engine types, transmissions, gear ratios, suspensions, power adders, you name it.

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How Your Blogger Spent Halloween…

Handing out candy, of course. And when the kiddies weren’t knocking on the door, I did a little reading…

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When Spring Came, I Cut My Fig Tree Down. Then, God Took Over…

A couple of years back, I shared a post here about my love of figs and how my experience with a fig tree kinda, sorta, mirrored the parable found in Luke’s gospel. Remember it? Good times. Two seasons later, in … Continue reading

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Because the “Little Flower” Enchanted the Chinese “Legal Eagle”

I introduced readers to my Catholic friend, John C.H. Wu, a long time ago. What prompted John, a distinguished jurist, and drafter of the democratic constitution of the Republic of China (back when it was mainland China),  to swim the Tiber? … Continue reading

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Lots of Folks Are Impressed By the Swiss Guards. I Reckon Those Folks Aren’t Marines

But I may be biased. Roll clip.

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For Simple, Powerful, Prayers Like This One

Often times, we outsmart ourselves. Over-think things, over-analyze, study, weigh carefully before we decide to act. These are generally accepted principles for decision making. In many cases, this process makes a lot of sense. In others, it is the treadmill … Continue reading

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Does God Hate Flags? An Answer On The 69th Anniversary Of The Flag Raising On Iwo Jima

I saw a blog post with this title recently: God Hates Flags: The Public Nature of Theology. It’s a pretty good piece written by Artur Rosman regarding the events going down in Ukraine. I respect Rosman’s viewpoints regarding events in Eastern Europe, … Continue reading

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Blogging And The Art Of Mustang Maintenance (Or, My “Saint Joseph’s Retreat” Explained)

The first thing you need to know is that I just made up the idea of  taking a blogging break  and calling it a Saint Joseph’s Retreat. Why did I call it that? Because Jesus’s foster father wasn’t very chatty, … Continue reading

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To Leave the Shackles of Human History Behind

  It is ironic to run a post with a title claiming that one of the reasons Why I Am Catholic is to leave history behind. Especially when I have written in the past that one of the main reasons … Continue reading

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