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For Thoughts On The Solemnity Of The Most Sacred Heart Of Jesus

Are you on vacation yet? The funny thing about vacations is that when on holiday from the world, and from the pressures of time, it’s quite easy to see all manner of things through rose colored glasses. In fact, I … Continue reading

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For The Prayers Of St. Gregory Of Narek (A Few Words For Wednesday) UPDATED

A few days ago, Pope Francis declared St. Gregory of Narek our newest Doctor of the Church. It appears that Grigor Narekatsi is a man of many talents. The hastily compiled list of his accomplishments on Wikipedia includes, “monk, poet, … Continue reading

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Walt Whitman’s Prayer of Columbus

Happy Columbus Day! I’ve a poem to share with you on the day on which we celebrate Christopher Columbus’ completing his voyage to the New World. And though nowadays the smart money seems to be on disparaging Christopher Columbus, I’ll … Continue reading

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Lines By The Forgotten Member Of The Chesterbelloc (A Few Words For Wednesday)

What? There is a third person in the Chesterbelloc? George Bernard Shaw forgot someone? Exactly, dear reader. See the portrait above? Surely you recognize the heavyset fellow on the left, and the irascible looking fellow on the right. But who … Continue reading

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“When Great Trees Fall” (Requiescat In Pace)

I’m not sure if I will be much of a presence here over the next several days. There has been a death in my family, see, and my duties lie elsewhere. Loss is the cross we bear when we love … Continue reading

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A Poem on St. John the Baptist’s Day

  Happy Birthday to St. John the Baptist! Here is a little poem I found written by John Keble in honor of this, the greatest of all men.

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“On Reproof,” A Poem By St. Ephrem of Syria, Deacon, and Doctor of the Church

I came upon these lines while researching St. Ephrem the Syrian, the Deacon, and Doctor of the Church, whose feast day is today. As it turns out, St. Ephrem wrote almost all of his homilies in verse or as hymns … Continue reading

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For G.K. Chesterton’s Off The Wall Poem About Palm Sunday

A couple of years back, I shared a movie with you about a saint who called himself “God’s jackass.” Leave it to G.K. Chesterton to write a poem for Palm Sunday from the point of view of the ass.

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For Poems Like This For Childermas

-Feast of the Holy Innocents  Have you ever heard of Emily Hickey? Me either, at least not until just now. Born in 1845, she is a child of the Emerald Isle, an Irish lass born in 1845 into a family … Continue reading

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A Brandy G.K Chesterton Would Approve Of…

I think so. I mean, look at the name on the label. Lepanto? As in the Battle of Lepanto? Uh-huh. 

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