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Is This Where Some Pope Francis Fans Exit The Bus?

See, he gave a little homily today, like he usually does. The first reading was from good ole 1 Maccabees, which is a book that I didn’t even know existed for the longest time. Lots of important history in 1 … Continue reading

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This Is My Friend (A Few Words for Wednesday)

  This Is My Friend (from an old manuscript) Let me tell you how I made His acquaintance. I had heard much of Him, but took no heed. He sent daily gifts and presents, but I never thanked Him. He … Continue reading

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Speaking of Arguments, Monsignor Benson Continues His on the Mystical Body of Christ

A few days ago, I shared a few thoughts of a convert named Robert Hugh Benson on how the Church views Jesus Christ, yesterday, today, and until the end of time. While reading his thoughts (continued below), ponder the radical … Continue reading

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Robert Hugh Benson Helps Explain How the Catholic Church Sees Jesus and Infallibility…

Which also helps explain why when the Catholic Church holds a teaching as being true, there will be no modification of it. I’ll discuss a few examples of this in the near future. But first, Monsignor Benson, a convert from … Continue reading

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Losing Our Religion? Or Have We Forgotten It? Thoughts on an NPR Series from the Crucifixion of Our Lord UPDATED

I don’t know if you listen to NPR but they’ve been doing a little series this week called “Losing Our Religion.” It is about the group of folks who when asked what their religion is, they state “none.” Noting that … Continue reading

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For Thoughts Like These from Robert Hugh Benson

Robert Hugh Benson was an English convert to Catholicism. No big deal, right? Wrong! You see, RHB had been ordained an Anglican priest in 1895. The thing was, his dad was the Archbishop of Canterbury at the time.  Think of … Continue reading

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