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University of Notre Dame Re-Files Lawsuit Against The HHS Department

A little while ago, I mentioned that all of the HHS Mandate lawsuits that the government dismissed as being premature, are now at full gestation. Here’s an example of that fact from the University of Notre Dame website.

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Do We Have the Will To Remove The Infrastructure of Tyranny We Have Erected?

I’m not going to waste a lot of your time recapping what you are already being bombarded with in the news these past few days. The IRS Scandal, everyone is fair game to be spied on, etc. Justice Antonin Scalia … Continue reading

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The HHS Mandate Takes It on the Chin Again With Ruling For The Founder of Domino’s Pizza UPDATED

Perhaps the Administration will scuttle this ridiculous rule out of embarrassment alone. I mean, the phony war on women trope worked well enough to secure reelection, but in reality, it isn’t holding up. Perhaps a miracle, much like the pending deal … Continue reading

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More Good HHS Mandate News: Appeals Court Blocks Contraception Mandate in Illinois Case UPDATED

Another day, another setback for the HHS Mandate. The Christian Post has the scoop, Days before the contraception mandate, which requires employers to provide insurance coverage for abortion-inducing drugs to employees, is set to go into effect, a federal appeals … Continue reading

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Support Hobby Lobby. Here’s How. UPDATED

There’s nothing better than waking up on a Sunday, eating a breakfast of pancakes and bacon, drinking a tall cup of hot coffee, and deciding to join a doomed, quixotic, movement to fight tyranny. Yes, and doing so right before … Continue reading

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