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For the Pause That Refreshes: Thoughts of the Desert Fathers on Living In Harmony

  A while back, I shared some brief thoughts on God by St. Augustine and a lesser know Dominican named Luis de Granada. Short passages they may have been, but they were formulated from swimming in deep waters. The same … Continue reading

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Because I Don’t Deserve The Graces That Have Been Bestowed Upon Me, Including Folks Reading This Blog

You’ll probably want to stop checking in on my blog now, seeing as I don’t have any deep thoughts to offer on whatever the various concerns of the day might be. Yes, you would be justified in removing my blog … Continue reading

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For All the Saints: Paul of the Shipwreck

How can something good come from something tragic? This is a mystery to us all. We see the devastation and the loss of life, and we wonder, Why Lord? Can anything good come from natural disasters? It’s the riddle of … Continue reading

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What Can You Personally Do About The Priest Sex Abuse Scandal? UPDATED

This message is for most of us who aren’t directly involved in any of the ongoing scandals that continue to percolate to the surface these days, like in Newark, Minneapolis-St. Paul, and the latest scandalous news coming out of Cleveland, but … Continue reading

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For New Testament Geography I Wasn’t Taught in RCIA UPDATED

Originally posted on June 6, 2011, it took a while but it recently became worthy of an update. There will be no music post this morning folks, because music was presented here yesterday. Instead, I’m just going to share the … Continue reading

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