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The Martyrdom of Sir Thomas More (For All The Saints) UPDATED

  Not all Christians are hypocrites all the time. The proof of that statement resides in the Church Triumphant, specifically in the witness of the martyrs for the Faith. Yes indeed, the Communion of Saints is a treasure house of … Continue reading

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Do We Have the Will To Remove The Infrastructure of Tyranny We Have Erected?

I’m not going to waste a lot of your time recapping what you are already being bombarded with in the news these past few days. The IRS Scandal, everyone is fair game to be spied on, etc. Justice Antonin Scalia … Continue reading

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For the Wisdom of St. Thomas More in Times of Tribulation UPDATED

I take it for granted that you’ve heard of Sir Thomas More by now. Maybe you know of his political classic Utopia, or that he is the patron saint of lawyers, and politicians. Perhaps you remember him as that character … Continue reading

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