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Jon Stewart On The Origins of the Diplomatic Solution to the Syrian Crisis

Language alert, but worth it. Especially Stewart’s masterful delivery of a “syllabus of errors” leveled at Fox News between the 3:44 and 4:00 marks. Roll clip,

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Vladimir Putin, From Russia With Love?

Valdimir Putin in the New York Times, writing with poise about the de-evolution of US foreign policy, the purpose of the United Nations, and the pathway to peace in Syria. I think he studied the speech delivered to the UN … Continue reading

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PSA: Charlie Rose Interviews Syrian President Assad on PBS Tonight, 9PM Eastern

I don’t normally tune in to Charlie Rose on PBS, but seeings how tonight’s guest is Bashar al-Assad, I will be. Tune in, as it should be an interesting conversation. Hopefully my local PBS station will be carrying it, but … Continue reading

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Nassim Taleb on the Errors of Richard Dawkins and of Intervening in Syria.

You would think that these two things are completely unrelated. On top of that, you may also be wondering what does this have to do with being Catholic. Aside from enjoying using our brains you mean?

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Democratic Congressman Becomes Bump In The Road In Administration’s Mad Rush To War

And I’m hoping and praying that the bump becomes a hump the size of Mount Everest.  Here’s a snippet from an interview between The Atlantic’s Molly Ball  and Congressman Alan Grayson, D-Florida. There was some thought that John Boehner and Eric … Continue reading

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Pope Francis to Vladimir Putin and the G20: In Syria, Seek Peaceful Solution, Not Military Action

Once again, Pope Francis appeals for a peaceful resolution to the crisis in Syria. Specifically, the Holy Father asks that all leaders of the nations meeting in St. Petersburg today, “lay aside the futile pursuit of a military solution. Rather, … Continue reading

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Cardinal Dolan to President Obama: On Syria, Send Humanitarian Aid, Not More Bloodshed

Fresh off his appearance on the Colbert Report, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, cosigned a letter addressed to the President with Bishop Richard Pates, Chair of the Committee of International Justice and Peace. It is shared below in its entirety.

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