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Happy Birthday, Internet! (October 29, 1969)

My alma mater played a key role in building the road that brought this post to your digital device today. The Los Angeles Times explains.

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Because You Never Know When Pope Francis Might Send You An E-Mail

First it was phone calls, then it was letters and interviews. And now il Papa just might e-mail you like he did Menachem Rosensaft.

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Because Pope Francis Knows That All Phones Lead to Rome…

So too do all other electronic devices, you see.

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A Recap of the Challenges to the HHS Mandate and a Proposal from Joe Six-Pack

  Yesterday, prior to the Inauguration Day ceremonial swearing, the Washington Post ran an article detailing the challenges made thus far to the Administrations’ HHS Mandate.

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Spambots Love Me, This I Know

I received the  following comment on the post, A Letter to the President That Explains His Drop in the Polls, A Film, and A Song. I have no idea why. A random act of weirdness that has become commonplace of … Continue reading

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