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Joe Six-Pack Unpacks Pope Francis’s Interview (Part I) UPDATED

“I do not know what might be the most fitting description….I am a sinner. This is the most accurate definition. It is not a figure of speech, a literary genre. I am a sinner.” Pope Francis’s candid answer to the … Continue reading

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Someone Send Governor Christie A Catechism. Please.

By just perusing it briefly, see, he could learn a lot of neat things. You know, like how the Church teaches that homosexuals are no more sinful than folks who are not homosexuals.

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Because I’m a Contrarian

A while back, I mentioned that I am a contrarian. That fact, explained here in a post originally published May 14, 2010, is one of the reasons why I am Catholic. My wife can tell you that I am wired … Continue reading

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During the Papal Interregnum, It’s Time To Embrace the Reality of Mystery

A very long time ago (or so it seems from my end), every title of the posts in this space were ledes to an exposition upon the statement “Why I Am Catholic.” The titles themselves were basically one line answers … Continue reading

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Dear Politicians, Media Elites, Etc., The Catechism Has Got Your Number

  There’s a big green book that’s the size of a dictionary that I’ve been reading this year. It’s the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and if it weren’t for Matthew Warner and his Read the Catechism in a Year … Continue reading

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Ignoring the Teachings of the Church is like Flying by the Seat of Your Pants Directly Toward the Ground

Or to a deserted island, like the fellow who paid a visit to Gilligan’s. Oh my. There goes Frank, again. Got any other metaphors for us? Sure I do.

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