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Peter Frampton Asks A Question: “Do You Feel Like I Do About Internet Angermongers?”

  From his Facebook page, Such a drag that there’s so much hate posted everywhere on the Internet. It’s the same as road rage where you are safe behind the wheel inside your bubble. Heaven forbid the upcoming light turns … Continue reading

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Pope Francis Says “Don’t Treat The Church Like A Business.” This Means It Has To Be Run Better Than A Business

  Whoa, Frank. Are you putting words in Pope Francis’s mouth? No, dear reader. I’m just telling it like it is. You know how some folks can wax eloquent about truth, goodness, and beauty, and how the Church should make better … Continue reading

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The Golden Rule? Or Gilding the Lily?

Fellow Patheos blogger and philospher, Francis Beckwith on President Obama’s misunderstanding of the one, while attempting to do the other in regards to marriage. Here’s a taste, The President, Jesus, and the Golden Rule By Francis J. Beckwith

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