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An Alabama Ministry Uses A Quote From Hitler On Their Billboard?

Now why didn’t we think of that?* A billboard at the Village Mall in Auburn, Ala., features five smiling kids beneath a quote from Adolf Hitler: “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.”

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Stuff That Makes Me Question Authority? When The Agriculture Department Requests Tommy Guns


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UK Health Minister Orders End To The Use Of Aborted Fetus Remains As Fuel For Hospital Waste To Energy Plants

What an awful headline. It’s like something that Charlton Heston was screaming in Soylent Green. It sounds like something from a classic English fairy tale meant to terrify children to bed. A pair of British hospitals this month acknowledged burning … Continue reading

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Dawn Eden Discovers Something Important About Pope Francis’s #1 Detractor…UPDATED

Argentinean blogger, Marcelo Gonzalez? He’s a Holocaust denier. Is there any better way to flush one’s credibility down the toilet? I can’t think of one. Dawn writes,

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Singapore and the Strange Tale of Population Control Policies UPDATES

Truth is stranger than fiction. And weird things happen when governments decide to help you decide how many children you can have. Take Singapore, for instance. The island nation, after gaining its independence from Malaysia in 1965 had a total … Continue reading

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