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Like the Coptic Church Does, The United States Should Be Supporting the Egyptian Provisional Government UPDATED

The Coptic Christian Church in Egypt has put out the following statement, “The Egyptian Coptic Church is following the unfortunate developments on the ground of our country Egypt and emphasizes its strong stance with the Egyptian police, armed forces and … Continue reading

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Father’s Day Horror Becomes A Father’s Day Miracle…

If you were shocked and saddened at the news of a shooting that took place at St. James Catholic Church in Ogden Utah, you aren’t alone. No one expects violence of that sort to take place on a Sunday, during … Continue reading

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Why I’m Not Outraged by Saturday Night Lives’ Blasphemous Skit on “Djesus”

Not that I’m turning cartwheels over it, or anything. Now, I didn’t catch it live last night, but I’ve seen the skit that portrays the risen Lord as a revenge killer in the sanguine style of Quentin Tarentinos’ take on … Continue reading

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An Argument Against the HHS Mandate: Keep America Weird

It may seem a strange way for an argument to develop, but really it is the American Way to allow for nonconformists to thrive.  This is one of our country’s hallmark traits, and a fruit of the wisdom of the … Continue reading

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