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I’ve Never Read René Girard, But I Will Now

So many books, and so little time. That’s my excuse, anyway. In light of René Girard’s passing, I read this article by Grant Kaplan today and learned that the final book he wrote had to do with Carl von Clausewitz.

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“When Great Trees Fall” (Requiescat In Pace)

I’m not sure if I will be much of a presence here over the next several days. There has been a death in my family, see, and my duties lie elsewhere. Loss is the cross we bear when we love … Continue reading

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When The Entire Nation Mourned (Worth A Thousand Words)

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Lou Reed, Requiescat In Pace

I just heard the news that Lou Reed passed away. Rolling Stone has an obituary up, as does every other wire service on the planet. If he was anything like me, he was probably a big time sinner. So I … Continue reading

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I Could Listen to Seamus Heaney Reading “Beowulf” For Hours (Requiescat In Pace) UPDATES

I shared what follows last summer. I’m sharing it with you again because this morning I learned that Seamus Heany has crossed over from death into eternity. Here’s a snippet from the obituary posted by the BBC.

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My Bishop Gave the Homily at Stan Musials’ Funeral Mass

I’ve posted about Bishop Richard Stika a few times in the past. But to be honest, I don’t really know him. I don’t live in the parish close to the Chancery, and none of my children have been confirmed yet … Continue reading

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The Catholic Bishops of Colorado Respond to Hospitals’ Claim of Unborn Twins Personhood UPDATED

A couple of days ago, my blog neighbor Deacon Greg Kandra shared a news item about a Catholic hospital in Colorado that is a defendant in a wrongful death lawsuit. The story is noteworthy because the Catholic hospitals’ legal defense … Continue reading

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For the Faith and Witness of Stan Musial, Requiescat in Pace

This originally ran back when Spring Break was just getting underway in 2011, and he had just been awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. But tonight, I just learned that “Stan the Man” has passed on to eternity. Pray for … Continue reading

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Margaret A. Brewer, First Woman Marine General, Catholic, Requiescat in Pace

I just happened upon this news when I saw it on the official Facebook page of the U.S. Marine Corps (Marines) with this message, “Brigadier General Brewer was an amazing and courageous woman who has left an indelible mark on … Continue reading

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Does Your Parish Have A Columbarium Yet?

If it doesn’t, it probably will soon. Five parishes in the Diocese of Knoxville have them now. What is a columbarium? It’s a consecrated resting place for the ashes of cremated parishioners. But Frank, isn’t cremation not allowed by the … Continue reading

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