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Palate Cleanser: “Ziggy who? I’m just trying to get discovered.” David Bowie’s First TV Appearance…

David Bowie performs Space Oddity, and receives an award or something.

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Blogging And The Art Of Mustang Maintenance (Or, My “Saint Joseph’s Retreat” Explained)

The first thing you need to know is that I just made up the idea of  taking a blogging break  and calling it a Saint Joseph’s Retreat. Why did I call it that? Because Jesus’s foster father wasn’t very chatty, … Continue reading

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A Serious Message About The Film, “Delivery Man” UPDATED

…is contained in the flyer in the photograph below.

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WYD Flashback With Matt Maher, And His Story On How The Song Came To Be Written…

It’s been a week since World Youth Day wrapped up and everyone checked out of Rio and headed back from whence they came. Pilgrims from every clime and place, reinvigorated after resting awhile with their peers, their Church, and the … Continue reading

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As The Holy Spirit Broods Over A Bent World, We Send Out The Children To Be The Face Of Christ

Full credit for the paraphrase embedded in the title above goes to priest, and poet extraordinaire, Gerard Manly Hopkins, SJ. I thought of it today as I saw photographs of the Catholic HEART Work Camp trip that two of my … Continue reading

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A Great Tweet From Pope Francis Today…

It’s basically something I’ve been telling my children forever… And do great things, while always giving thanks to God! H/T YOUCAT

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To Pray Like Blessed John XXIII, in Youth and Old Age

On a Fall day in the year 1898, an almost 17 year old future Pope wrote the following in his journal,

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The Catholic Bishops of Colorado Respond to Hospitals’ Claim of Unborn Twins Personhood UPDATED

A couple of days ago, my blog neighbor Deacon Greg Kandra shared a news item about a Catholic hospital in Colorado that is a defendant in a wrongful death lawsuit. The story is noteworthy because the Catholic hospitals’ legal defense … Continue reading

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Call Me A Bad Catholic, But I Agree With John Zmirak

Amen to what The Most Interesting Man in the World says. This may come as no surprise to long-time readers of YIMCatholic, but to newcomers, maybe. Let me allow John Zmirak, author of The Bad Catholic’s Guide series of books … Continue reading

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L.A. County District Attorney Reviewing Documents Released by Archdiocese of Los Angeles UPDATED

In a follow up to the Los Angeles Times report that hit the wires yesterday, this hit the wires a few hours ago from the Daily News, Los Angeles County prosecutors said today they will begin reviewing internal documents released … Continue reading

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