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The Chinese Chesterton’s Thoughts on the Influence of Christianity on Common Law

It’s been a long time since I shared thoughts here from my faithful departed friend named John C.H. Wu. I won’t bore you to death with the details of his life, as I’ve already done that in numerous posts before. … Continue reading

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My Lower Air Conditioning Bills Explained: HOLE IN THE SUN!!!

If this was a Star Trek episode, we’d actually think it was incumbent upon us to do something about this “gigantic coronal hole.” While looking at his instrument panel, Spock would say,

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Pope Francis Wants YOU To Be An Intentional Disciple

Shouldn’t comes as a shock really, as Jesus Christ wants the same thing from us too. Here’s a little snippet of Andrea Tornielli’s report on Pope Francis’s message to the leadership in South America, and to the episcopate everywhere.

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For Father Z’s Bad Analogies. Not.

Back on the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity, I shared a little video called St. Patrick’s Bad Analogies. It’s a clever little video noting how when trying to use analogies to describe the Triune God, it’s easy to find yourself … Continue reading

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And for the Blog’s 2001st Post, A Truth Regarding the Miracle at Cana…

N’est-ce pas?! After all, the scriptures never said,

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“That our own government is knowingly displaying such a lack of tolerance for faithful Christians is outrageous”

So says attorney Erin Mersino. I agree. I’d also agree if our government displayed a lack of tolerance for the teachings of  faithful Jews, Muslims, Quakers, Mormons, Hindus, et al, too. So a couple of lawyers are throwing another log … Continue reading

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Because What You Expect Holiness To Be Is Often Wrong…

Have you ever noticed how when you haven’t experienced something before, be it a person, a place, or a thing, your idea of what that experience would be like, and how it actually turned out to be, didn’t always jive? … Continue reading

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Patheos Catholic Bloggers Spotted in Pasadena!

A few feet away from the grocery store where I once stumbled upon Stephen Hawking, I got to meet Joanne McPortland and Will Duquette. My family and I met them yesterday after mass at our former parish, and we introduced … Continue reading

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Just Like The Prophet Chesterton Said, When It’s All About Nature, It’s All About Sex…

And pretty soon, this obsession of ours becomes a tyrant. Got your attention yet? Thought so.

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For Tips on Fatherhood from St. Benedict

—Feast of St. Benedict First posted back in July of 2010, the post below seems appropriate to share  again on this great saint’s feast day. As I rounded the corner and headed up the walk that leads to the entrance … Continue reading

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