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Pope Francis Says “Don’t Treat The Church Like A Business.” This Means It Has To Be Run Better Than A Business

  Whoa, Frank. Are you putting words in Pope Francis’s mouth? No, dear reader. I’m just telling it like it is. You know how some folks can wax eloquent about truth, goodness, and beauty, and how the Church should make better … Continue reading

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The Most Interesting Man In The World And Phil Lawler Agree: Archbishop Carlson Is Incredible UPDATED

  And I mean incredible in the following sense of the word. Unbelievable, beyond belief, hard to believe, unconvincing, far-fetched, implausible, improbable, highly unlikely, dubious, doubtful, etc. Here’s a snippet of Phil’s editorial over at Catholic Culture.

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In The News: Alabama Joins EWTN In Suit Against The HHS Mandate, and Benghazi-Gate Gets New Life…

As the HHS takes it on the chin for the failures in allowing folks to sign up for Obamacare, another blow is landed on them.

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What Can You Personally Do About The Priest Sex Abuse Scandal? UPDATED

This message is for most of us who aren’t directly involved in any of the ongoing scandals that continue to percolate to the surface these days, like in Newark, Minneapolis-St. Paul, and the latest scandalous news coming out of Cleveland, but … Continue reading

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Al-Qaeda Learns How To Lobby Congress? UPDATED

Just put together an American 501(c)(3), nonprofit corporation, call it the Syrian Emergency Task Force, and get busy swaying the opinions of seat holders in the House and Senate, writing op-ed pieces in the big papers, etc. One of my senators, Bob … Continue reading

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Because of the Disenchantment of Miley Cyrus UPDATED

The other day I lamented losing an hour to reading Joseph Bottum’s personal essay about his ideas on how the Church should handle the Same Sex Marriage situation. I would trade that experience in a heartbeat in order to get … Continue reading

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Diocese of Pittsburgh Sues HHS Over Question of Influence of Lobbyists UPDATED

Remember back when the scandals were erupting from the grounds surrounding the IRS, the spying on the Associated Press, and the revelations learned from the Benghazi hearings? Yes, seems like it was a quiet time, doesn’t it? A halcyon time … Continue reading

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It’s Not Everyday That The New York Times Says The Obama Administration Has Lost All Credibility…UPDATED

But that’s what The Gray Lady did this evening. It’s kind of fitting that it coincides with the anniversary of the invasion of Normandy. Have a look see, President Obama’s Dragnet By The Editorial Board Within hours of the disclosure … Continue reading

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Archbishop Chaput: “The HHS Mandate Can Only Be Understood As A Form Of Coercion.”

Just in time for the long Memorial Day weekend, Archbishop Chaput’s weekly column notes the IRS scandals, the HHS Mandate, and what it all means for Catholics and religious liberty. Religious Freedom And the Need To Wake Up By Archbishop … Continue reading

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Meet the “Catholic Whistleblowers,” Learn the Fate of Father Fugee, and Revisit “Lying for Jesus”

You may recall the recent goings on in the Archdiocese of Newark related to the scandal of sexual abuse of minors. Well, a number of priests and religious have banded together to form a posse of sorts, and they call … Continue reading

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