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The Kind Of Post TIME Magazine Never Picks Up, AKA, Hell Is Real!

The other day TIME Magazine picked up a Patheos post from a different channel in which the author asked us to imagine Christianity without Hell. A Christianity without hell would be largely unevangelical, since there would be nothing to save … Continue reading

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Cardinal Kasper Kind Of, Sort Of, Apologizes (Maybe)…

 “If one of my remarks about Africans was perceived as demeaning or insulting, then I am honestly sorry.” Seriously? The European Imperialist “white man’s burden” talk was bad enough. There isn’t a church for Europe, one church for Asia, and … Continue reading

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“And When Cardinal Kasper Lied At The Synod, I Stopped Listening To Him At All.”

That’s a direct quote from me, Joe Six-Pack, USMC. 

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Walt Whitman’s Prayer of Columbus

Happy Columbus Day! I’ve a poem to share with you on the day on which we celebrate Christopher Columbus’ completing his voyage to the New World. And though nowadays the smart money seems to be on disparaging Christopher Columbus, I’ll … Continue reading

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Pope Francis Demonstrates The Proper Way To Return A Salute

There is so much that heads of state can learn from this Head of State.

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Everything You Need To Know About The Extraordinary Synod Process In 5 Minutes…

Forget the bloviating. Avoid the hyperventilating. Sidestep the handwringing. That is Joe Six-Pack’s plan for surviving the synods the bishops are holding on the pastoral challenges of the family. So what is happening and how does it work? Roll clip.

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This Is My Dog. Your Argument Is Invalid

  What argument, you say? All of ’em.

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God Made The Little Spider, That In Turn Made This Amazing Web…

Unfortunately, most of it has broken and what is left can barely be seen. But if you look closely, you see can how the spider triangulated the moorings of the web, from the little bowed end of the hemlock branch … Continue reading

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