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The Bishops Respond To The Fear Mongering Of The Administration Over Religious Liberty

  From the USCCB Blog, Archbishops Salvatore J. Cordileone , William Lori, Thomas Wenski, and Bishop Richard J. Malone have a joint response below. Crystal couldn’t be any clearer.

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Dodging The Bigotry Bullet, U.S. News and World Report Hosts Sister Mary Ann Walsh

Yesterday, longtime US News & World Report columnist  Jamie Stiehm posted an anti-Catholic screed regarding the controversy stirred up by Justice Sotomayor’s stay protecting the Little Sisters of the Poor from the dictates of the HHS Mandate. Today, in what I reckon … Continue reading

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Archbishop Kurtz: “We know that the Constitution and the law protect us from heavy-handed government demands that we violate our consciences…”

Though the present Administration doesn’t see things this way. This thought was from an editorial posted by the Religion News Service written by Archbishop Joseph Kurtz,  President of the USCCB. The title?

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USSCB Chair to Secretary of State John Kerry: Use Diplomacy, Not Air Strikes

What follows is the letter addressed to the Secretary of State in it’s entirety. Dear Secretary Kerry:

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Marriage Equality: The Prosperous Pol vs. The Gay Pauper

I’m with the gay pauper on this one. And so is the Catholic Church. Think about that for a moment. The Washington Post, see, published a story a few days ago about about a billionaire hedge fund manager working hard to … Continue reading

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What’s Next on the Supreme Court’s Docket? Perhaps the HHS Mandate…

Laura Basset seems to think this may be in the offing. Back on Friday,the Huffington Post published her article entitled, Contraception Mandate Likely Headed To Supreme Court, Experts Say . Take a look,

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To Do List: Mark Your Calendars, and Call Your Congressional Representatives

The first item is in regards to something that is happening on March 26th that you probably haven’t heard anything about: The March for Marriage. Here is the press release from the National Organization for Marriage,

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Archbishop Lori Writes Congress Asking, Where is the Freedom of Choice to “Opt Out” of the HHS Mandate? UPDATED

Maybe we should write to them too. In the letter below, Archbishop Lori, whom I’ve compared with Detective Columbo in the past, advocates something I’ve heard in the gospels before. Something about being as wise as serpents, and as innocent … Continue reading

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Cardinal Dolan Speaks. Movement, But Not Enough on the HHS Mandate. UPDATED

When I was reading the HHS Mandate Rule proposal, I noticed a pretty big problem: folks have coverage forced upon them, whether they want it or not. Later, I wrote that  the Church would react to the current proposal negatively … Continue reading

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Interesting Stuff I Found While Reading the New HHS Mandate Rules

Evening folks. Sorry I haven’t posted anything until now, but I’ve been reading the 80 pages of proposed rules regarding the HHS Mandate. I didn’t really want to, because it’s not exactly Joe Six-Packs’ idea of a “good time.” But … Continue reading

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