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Joe Six-Pack’s Year Of Mercy Art Suggestions (Not That I Was Consulted)

It’s probably too late, because what’s done is done. But if there is one thing that Catholics have in common with Marines it’s this: we aren’t happy unless we’re bitching about something. So yeah, that playing card inspired logo for … Continue reading

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Jon Stewart On The Origins of the Diplomatic Solution to the Syrian Crisis

Language alert, but worth it. Especially Stewart’s masterful delivery of a “syllabus of errors” leveled at Fox News between the 3:44 and 4:00 marks. Roll clip,

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Wondering Why North Korea is Threatening a Nuclear Strike?

Wonder no more! Kim Jong Un was not amused. That’s what happens when you can’t receive television signals, and you ban Google.:)

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The Trillion Dollar Coin Question: Jon Stewart Plays “Everyman” to Paul Krugman’s “Voodoo Economist”

It’s time for the next crisis that I refuse to get up in arms about. I won’t be getting any ulcers about the national debt. Obama refuses to negotiate debt ceiling raise, and I’m all like, “So? I refuse to freak … Continue reading

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Little Old Lady Who Ruined the Fresco Says “Pass the Loot!” UPDATED

Remember this? The, um, “restorer” would like a piece of the action. You see, because of her work, the Church is making money hand-over-fist, and she wants her fair share. Gawker shares this bit of news with us, Cecilia Giménez, … Continue reading

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May The Fourth Be With You…Always

Yep, it’s late, but it’s not too late to share my favorite commercial on this day of Star Wars appreciation. Heh!

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